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Guild Guidelines

Guild guidelines (a quick shot)

Be a fair & friendly looter -- only roll “need” on items that are upgrades for the CURRENT character that you are playing.

Don't SPAM channels -- This includes all game channels.

Drink and play responsibly -- treat all players, both inside and outside the guild, with respect. Keep guildchat fun & useful to ALL our fellow guildies.

Guild guidelines (A Special Reserve to Savor)

This guild was started with the intent of creating a friendlier space where we can all find nice people to party with and do instances with, without worrying about greedy looting and immaturity :) However, as we welcome more and more people into our community, we find that some people are confused about our “friendly looting” concept or the responsibilities of being a veteran member, so I am listing some guidelines here, most of which should be common sense. I hope that you will all follow these, because it will help everyone out if we do. I understand that we can make mistakes, but members who break these guidelines repeatedly are subject to demotion and/or removal from the guild.

Fair & Friendly Looting

For Parties: Looting should be Group Loot, with a loot threshold of Green.

***Roll “need” (the dice icon) if the item is an upgrade and usable by the CURRENT character that you are playing.

***Roll “greed” (the coin icon) if you are going to sell/disenchant/give to an alt or a friend/any other reason other than you would use on your current character.

If a schematic/formula/pattern etc, drops, those who will use it/learn it on their CURRENT character should roll “need” for it.

In general, you will find people rolling “greed” on items like gems usable by professions. It is fine to roll “need” on these if you are planning on making something in particular and need the mats for it, but asking the group if that's ok first is generally a good idea to prevent confusion.

***Bind on Pickup (BoP) items are a little trickier than the Bind on Equip (BoE) items. Some people are used to always passing on BoP and discussing/rolling after everyone passes, while others might want to just roll need/greed on Bind on Pickup items to make the run faster. Either method is fine, just make sure it is clear which method will be used when the party is formed!

For Raids: Looting will generally be Master Looter (ML) in raids. The following list includes default guidelines for Drunk and Dangerous raids, but please make sure to pay attention to loot rules called out at the start of any raid in case they are different.

The loot threshold for raids is usually Blue. BoE green items and armor are yours to pick up in this situation. However, schematics/recipes and ANYTHING BoP should be brought to the attention of the ML. Do NOT just pick these items up.

If you win a need roll or DKP bid on a BoE item you must equip it immediately.

Books/schematics/patterns etc are rolled on by those who are the appropriate class/profession for the item (you may only roll on these if you will use it for your CURRENT character). If no one can use the item on their current character then it is a free-for-all [FFA] roll.

***25-person progression raids use DKP.
Please see for more info.

***All other raids (10 and 25) where a guild member is leading use the "Upgrade/Semi-Upgrade" system.
Please see for more info.

Drink & Play Responsibly

Treat others with respect - This includes your fellow guildies as well as people outside the guild. Try to give people the benefit of the doubt if they make a mistake - the game is pretty huge and complex, and no one can be an expert at everything ;) Arguing over loot or blaming other players for a bad play takes away the fun. It's a game -- have a drink, relax, and have fun!

Guild Chat - Rules for the guild chat are pretty much common sense, but I wanted to post the following just in case anyone was confused:

What Guild Chat is For:
Looking for groups for quests, posting items you have to give away to other members, announcing items/services you are looking for (that you are willing to trade/pay for), asking for advice about the game, general friendly chat, and asking for advice on food/drink pairings.

What Guild Chat is NOT For:
Asking for free items, asking for money/complaining about not having money, repeatedly asking for help on quests (please whisper a Lush or higher member if you are really in a tough spot and need help on a quest or instance and we will try to help you out/arrange for help if we have time), insults/negative talk about other players (if you are having an issue with a guild member please whisper/mail a Drunken Master, Designated Drunk, or Hackersmuse), or discussion of highly inflammatory topics (I think we would all prefer not to get into arguments over politics or religion). Also, please try to refrain from shouting (typing in all caps), bigoted language, or excessive profanity since that can be annoying for members, and spamming in general will not be tolerated (we want to keep the chat open for people who genuinely need help!).

Rankings and Advancement

Sober (Initiate) - New members who have not yet been accepted as full members. Sober members may be promoted to Tipsy rank at the discretion of a Drunken Master. General guidelines we have for promoting to Tipsy (full member) include: participation in guild events, demonstrating respect for others (in guildchat and in parties), character level (at least 25), and participation on the guild website.

Inactive/Detox - Members and/or alts who have been inactive for over a month. May be removed from the guild if inactive for an extended period of time without letting the officers know the reason.

Tipsy (Member) - Guild Member rank. ALL Tipsy members and above need to have their character information in a forum account. This is so we are best able to help everyone who is a full member of the guild (no personal info is necessary, only the character info -- if anyone needs to make an account without an email address, this is possible, you just need to either whisper/mail Hackersmuse or Monkeyhack and we will create an account without an email address). As Full Guild Members, Tipsy Members have access to the guild bank and are encouraged to participate in parties and/or raids.

Drunkie (Veteran) - The rank for long-time full members who have proven themselves as respectful team players, and who are actively participating in parties and/or raids. They should be at least level 60.

Vintage (Veteran Leader) - Honorary veteran rank for long-time members who consistently help out fellow members. Vintage Veterans assist with raid leadership.

Lush (Council) - Long-time members who have consistently helped out fellow members, and who are dedicated to the advancement of their guildmates and the guild as a whole. Lushes assist with guild leadership and vote on guild decisions.

Drunken Master (Officer) | Designated Drunk (Officer Alt) - Guild Officers; this is a rank for guild founders and Lush members who have the spirit of founders and proven themselves as leaders involved with the advancement of the guild. Drunken Masters are able to invite new members, promote, demote, and remove members from the guild.

Drunken Mistress (Officer) - Guild Master Rank. All guild decisions to be made through collective action, and so all Officers have the same guild powers to invite, promote, demote, and remove members. I consider any vote made by myself to hold the same value as a vote from any other Drunken Master.

*Please note that ranks in DnD are closely tied to social participation and time in guild. Raid performance does not determine guild rank, and guild rank does not determine raiding status.