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Drunk & Dangerous Guild Vault Info

Hey guys,
Here is info on the guild bank. If you have any unanswered questions please ask an officer in-game or you can PM Hackersmuse on the forums, and I'll add to this list ;)

***DnD Guild Bank FAQs***

Q: Who can use the guild bank?
A: Any full guildmember (rank Tipsy and above). Sober/Initiates level and Inactive members are not able to view it.

Q: Where do I look at it?
A: There are vault doors inside all banks located in major cities.

Q: How do we get more bank tabs?
A: These are bought and are pretty expensive -- we have currently maxed out our tabs.

Q: What are guild funds used for?
A: Supplementing resist-gear and flask costs for progression raids and prizes for special events.

Q: How do I deposit items?
A: Please deposit items into the "Pub" tab and an officer will move items to their appropriate tab category.

Q: What are the different bank tab labels for?
A: The labels are to help us keep the bank organized and easy-to-use.

1)"RAOK" -- Random Act Of Kindness
Green armor & weapons, BOE quest items, and supplies useful for leveling (or leveling professions). These will be randomly distributed by mail to toons matching the class/level of the item, or if you see something you can use please ask a Drunken Master to help you out. Lower-level cloth/metal/herbs etc., Green Hills of Stranglethorn pages, Small Furry may not have a use for it but a guildy might need it for a quest or to level a profession. Guildies are not charged gold for items, but we appreciate it if you donate something comparable to the bank to help the next person :)

2) "Mixers" -- Mats for progression raids.
Herbs, primals, any items that are used to create things for the "Drinks" tab or for resist gear. Items mined/engineered/herbed or otherwise collected in raids will be placed here for later AH sale for flask funds.

3) "Drinks" -- This is the progression raid consumables category.
Potions, elixirs, buffing foods, and other consumable items.
Lush+ rank can withdraw from this tab for distributing on progression raids.

4) "The Bar" -- Discount shopping for guildies.
Rare/Epic items available for sale (only for immediate use by the guildmember). All items cost half of their listed WoWhead price ( Please ask a Lush+ to help you with a purchase -- the gold will go to the guild bank, and the item must be equipped/learned/etc. immediately.

5) "The Pub" -- Deposit tab.
Please put all deposits here for later sorting by the guild officers.

There is also a "Cellar" tab where the officers store items being saved for future raiding, event prizes, or for sale. Examples would be items for online DKP auction, "care packages" for lower levels, and surprises for events ;) The officers can also move items from the other tabs to this tab for de/sale to add to the guild funds. Examples would be agility+intellect plate for de, or items where the sale for guild funds benefits the guild more as a whole.

Thank you to everyone for contributing items & gold to help the bank!!!