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Eight Arms to Drink and Decapitate with...

Welcome to the home of the Infamous Drunkies

Drunk and Dangerous is a family-friendly "casual raiding" World of Warcraft and WildStar guild. We are focused on friendships, helping each other out with groups, advice, and tradeskills, and experiencing Azeroth and the Nexus while drunk. In WoW, you can find DnD on both factions - "Drunk and Dangerous" is Alliance and "Dangerous and Drunk" is Horde.

General guild info and how to join: About DnD
Raiding info and DKP links: Raiding Forums
Members-only info and discussion: DnD Forums
Looking for something specific? Contact Us

Archived Website: DnD 2005-2009 (reference only)

Deadly Drunken Raiding

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