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Drunk & Dangerous Loot Rules for Non-DKP Raids

***Upgrade/Semi Loot System***

The Upgrade/Semi loot system is used for all guild non-DKP raids. Guildmembers may use this system (and a link to this webpage) when leading a non-DKP raid or PUG.

There are 2 types of rolls, called for in order:
- Upgrade - The item is in role for you (healer item for healers, dps item for dps, tank for tanks) and is a sizable improvement to your current gear.
- Semi Upgrade - The item is for secondary spec, is an item not primarily intended for your class, or is not a large improvement in your gear. An example might be a bow for melee classes, or leather for someone who can wear plate.

You can roll upgrade / semi upgrade as many times as you wish, but people who have not received as many items as you for a given roll type get priority for an item. Sharding is a last resort, and will occur ONLY if no one can use the item. In general, shards should be put in the guild bank, but depending on the raid they might be randomly distributed among participants.

- Jane already won an Upgrade
- John already won a Semi-Upgrade
- Jane and John both roll Upgrade on an item
- John receives the item, regardless of the rolls.

Since John has not won an Upgrade earlier, he receives the item over Jane, regardless of how much they rolled. If another roll comes up and both roll Upgrade then both will have equal chance to win the item on the next roll. If a semi-upgrade roll comes up, Jane will have priority over John since he already won a semi-upgrade.

Goals of this loot system:
- Fairness - Loot should be assigned to classes that can make the most of the item as a priority and loot should not be "hogged" by single players.
- Simplicty - The loot system should work well with multiple runs going concurrently and weekly. The loot system should be easy to understand and quick to execute.

Things we do not want:
- People "saving" their upgrades -- If the item is an upgrade for you, roll upgrade. This encouranges other people to also not save their upgrades.
- Nonconstructive complaints -- We assign loot as fairly as possible but no loot system is perfect.
- Greed -- You should be happy when your fellow raider wins something. Congratulate them on their win and do not be negative. Remember, raiding is a team effort, and an upgrade for your fellow raider helps the team as a whole.

Regarding Dual-specs/roles: You cannot switch the primary role/spec you are rolling as "upgrade" during a single raid ID or single raid. This is not to say that you cannot switch the role/spec you are PLAYING...if your primary spec/role is a healer, but you happen to be DPSing temporarily, this means that you would roll upgrade on healing gear, and semi on DPS gear. The Master Looter can override the decision of an item being an upgrade or semi-upgrade if there is gross roller negligence and/or if the Raid Leader is in agreement.

Regarding Alts: Alts are not barred from rolling "upgrade" but please treat each other nicely. Remember that the people who stay on their mains help make it possible for Alt runs to succeed. If a main has been running the same instance for 2 months only hoping for a single drop and you roll against them as "upgrade" on your brand-new alt, you aren't violating the rules directly, but you certainly aren't making any friends.

The Loot Master has final say on loot assignment. If you have any comments / questions please whisper your Loot Master and/or Raid Leader. If you need more time to decide on whether you want to roll or not, feel free to ask the Loot Master to wait for you.